Geo news missing reporter Ali Imran returns

Ali Imran

KARACHI: Missing Geo News senior reporter Ali Imran Syed returned to his mother’s house in Karachi on Saturday evening.

He allegedly spoke to his wife by phone after arriving at his mother’s home in the city. He returned safely and told her he had not been physically harmed.

The journalist went missing on Friday evening after receiving information that he had gone to a nearby bakery but had not returned home.

He left home between 19.00 and 20.00 in the evening and told the family that he would be back in half an hour, but did not return after hours had passed.

At the time, his wife had parked her car outside the house and her cell phone said she was at home.

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Police officials were informed of Imran’s disappearance and a case was registered. Geo news team said that we inform Sindh Govt, the DIG of the Provience and PM Pakistan to help us and find our missing Journalist.

Police say the crime scene will be thoroughly inspected and CCTV footage will be taken for further investigation.

An Information Finding Committee was set up

An investigation committee has been set up to investigate the disappearance of the journalists, according to an official statement.

Ehsan Sadiq, Additional Director General, Federal Investigation Agency, was appointed to head the committee as Additional IG Special Branch Sindh, Joint Director General IB Sindh and DIG East Karachi as members.

The committee will maintain close liaison between the federal and state governments, the statement said.

The committee will determine the cause of the incident and submit its report.

The Prime Minister asked the Interior Ministry to stay in touch with the Sindh government

PM Pakistan inform the interior ministry to be active in Ali Imran missing case and find out the result as soon.

Prime Minister Imran issued instructions and responsibilities in a meeting with Shahzad Akbar’s advisor from within. The adviser called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide information on the journalist’s disappearance.

“Prime minister Imran Khan said that evry one help Ali Imran family and his kids and find them. He also said that the safety of all journalists must be ensured “at all costs”.

Sindh CM: ‘I want every hour progress report’

When Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah became aware of the matter, he directed Chief Inspector of Sindh Police Mushtaq Mehr to ensure immediate rescue of the Geo News reporter.

Murad Ali Shah said that, “This is not good to listen about Geo young reporter Imran but those peoples do not do good to disappear him”. “I want to find Imran Ali shah in instant of time and he aslo said that do not waste time find them in some hours we never want to criminal do something to Imran so take action instantly.”

In a meeting with the Geo News administration, the Prime Minister assured the channel management that Ali Imranan would be deported soon.

Federal agencies directed to cooperate with the Sindh government

When news of his disappearance spread, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said that all concerned federal agencies have been directed to co-operate with the Sindh government to save the Geo News reporter.

“Sindh Police and his Govt start full struggle to release Ali Imran and all resources to save geo news senior reporter and jail the criminals,” he said. He said that the safety and protection of Ali Imran is the responsibility of Government they will have power to save Ali Imran Life.

Meanwhile, Shehzad Akbar, adviser to the prime minister on accountability and affairs, said the federal government had expressed concern over Ali Imran’s disappearance.

The Home Minister met with the IG Sindh for the early recovery of the journalist and offered support / assistance to the general security of all federal agencies and journalists in Sindh in this matter, Akbar said.

‘No one should lose in a democracy’ – Mazari

Federal Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari said that no one should be lost in a democracy.

“Pakistan rules and laws are very strong about that like cases and they have very bad punishment and have bad result for tessorist and those who missing a person in our country and involve in crimes,” he said.

Attack on freedom of expression by Bilawal Bhutto

PPP President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari termed the disappearance of journalist Ali Imran as an attack on freedom of expression.

The PPP chief said in a statement that “the process of suppressing voices should end now.” He added that incidents such as the disappearance of journalists have created a “negative image of Pakistan around the world”.

Ali Imran

Ali Imran

Journalists condemned the incident

Pakistan Capital Islamabad and near famous city Rawalpindi all Journalists protest and demond to Prime Misister to save Geo news reporter Ali Imran and back safe to their home as soon take action.

The RIUJ condemned the incident and warned that if Ali Imran was not rescued safely, there would be protests across the country.

Senior journalist Naseem Zehra said that Ali Imran had taken CCTV video of Captain Safdar’s arrest from a hotel in Karachi.

“Can’t you question Ali Imran without kidnapping him?” He asked.

Geo News Syed Ali Imran is deeply concerned about his missing reporter, said the Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (MEMND).

“We are thankful to Prime Minister, Govt of Sindh and all Police and saloot to his struggle that they find Ali Imran and safe back to home,” the group said in a statement. ” Said

Association community said “Journalists are the main heroes of freedom they perform big rules in our community”.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s South Asia office urged authorities to immediately identify the missing reporter.

“Geo News reporter Ali Imran Syed has been feared missing and missing in Karachi since yesterday,” the rights guard said.