Pakistan facing coronavirus vaccine shortage


KARACHI / LAHORE: Pakistan facing coronavirus vaccine shortage on Tuesday after China and Europe ran out of vaccine stocks, sending about 150,000 emergency doses a day while sending SOS signals to federal officials. Force to meet requirements. Beijing and Quix for vaccine delivery.

An official of the National Health Service, Regulation and Coordination (NHS, R&C) told News on Tuesday that the synoform and synovac vaccines are given only to those who need a second dose, and Australasia Zenica is not over.

Vaccine older in Karachi

The vaccination process at the Lahore Expo Center was completely halted on Tuesday due to suspension of vaccine supply from the center, while many youngsters were stranded at the Expo Center Karachi and some other vaccination centers due to shortage of synoform, synovic and carcino vaccines. Was denied the vaccine, while AstraZeneca was offered. For people 40 years of age or older in Karachi.

An NHS official has sent 100,000 doses of various vaccines to Sindh following the vaccine shortage, including 50,000 doses of Synoform, 40,000 doses of Synovac and 10,000 doses of AstraZeneca, and He has asked state officials to remove taxes from the misused COVID-19. Facilitating people from vaccination centers to mega centers.

Similarly, he said that he had received 50,000 doses of various vaccines at the Mega Vaccination Center to continue the vaccination process, including 30,000 doses of Synoform and 10,000 doses of Canoe and AstraZeneca. Yes, sent. Vaccine stock at Mega Center in Lahore.

We expect 12.5 million doses of Aster Zenica via Kovox by the end of this month, but no confirmation.”

What is the main reason for the shortage of vaccine?


Federal government officials said that the supply of vaccines had been removed from the Ministry of National Health and handed over to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and that coordination in the supply of vaccines from China and There is no disturbance.

He added that NDMA has not only done business with Chinese vaccine manufacturers such as Sonofram, Synovic and Kenso BBO, but has also negotiated with Pfizer to supply mRNA vaccine to the country. Yes, but so far he has failed to reach an agreement. .

Similarly, he said that Pakistan relies heavily on the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad to prepare and submit a dose of a large number of Chinese vaccine casinos from China called Pak Week. IH also failed to permanently fail the management to meet the supply commitment.

Following the shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in Sindh, a severe shortage of vaccines has hit many Corona Virus Vaccination Centers (CVCs) in Punjab, which has slowed down the vaccination process against COVID-19 in the state capital. ۔

Punjab Govt about covid-19 vaccine

The Punjab government was unable to deal with the emergency as it witnessed riots at the Expo Center, Walton, Minar Pakistan and various other immunization centers in the provincial capital. “I was ready for my second dose, but it looks like the stockpile of vaccines is running out,” said Sohail at the Lahore Expo Center, adding that he was “deeply concerned” about the second dose on a given date. Deficiency can affect immune building. Corona virus.

Salman Ahmed, director of the Lahore Press Club, said that the Punjab government had also stopped the supply of vaccines at the Lahore Press Club, citing a shortage of vaccines.

However, an official of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health (P&SHD) admitted that there was a shortage of vaccines in some CVCs in Lahore, saying that the shortage was more than the availability of a given vaccine. Due to arrival. “The government is providing daily doses of about 30,000 to 35,000 vaccines from the main EPI center in Manga Mandi to the CVC Expo Center in the next 24 hours to volunteer for the vaccine,” he said.

“Because people who need a second dose are preferred, the unavailability of vaccines has spread panic among people who have come to get their first dose,” Erdogan added. That the government has made alternative arrangements for the transfer of alternative vaccines. Slow CVC. Mega CVC vaccination rates in different districts in the provincial metropolis.

“The government is planning to replace Chinese vaccines with a domestic development vaccine called Pak Week, which is causing a shortage of synthetic vaccines in CVC,” said a vaccine writer at CVC in Minar Pakistan.

Initially, the Pakistani government taxed synoform double-dose vaccines from China, followed by Astford from England to Aster Zenica, the now-available China Week, and single-shot casinos from China.

National Coordination and Operations Center

The National Coordination and Operations Center (NCOC), which has received 100,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, provided 26,000 doses of the vaccine to Punjab, which will be provided primarily to immunocompromised individuals such as Transplant, cancer and AIDS patients.

When contacted, a spokesman for the National Department of Health Services, Regulations and Liaison said that the shortage of vaccines has spread across the country. Therefore, he suggested that the vaccine should be transferred from limited used CVC. It also states that only a limited amount of vaccine was stored at the center.

Meanwhile, Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid on Tuesday claimed that there was ample stock of vaccine in Punjab for the next three days and reports of shortage were baseless. “While all the districts have ample stocks, the Deputy Commissioner Lahore has a stockpile of 25,000 doses,” he said, adding that the vaccine was delivered to people at their doorsteps through Camp 57 mobile units in Lahore. Has been delivered.

“I personally oversee the vaccination process in Punjab,” he said, adding that the THQ hospitals in all parts of the province, including 247/7 administered in 677 KVKs, are about 1 in the entire province. 1.6 million needles provided. We vaccinate more than 240,000 people daily across the province.
The minister also said that the provincial administration has 13,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to be given mainly to people suffering from serious diseases.

Health ministry

The health chief said last week that Pakistan has so far ordered 90 million more doses of the vaccine, adding that the country expects to receive 34 million doses of the Chinese-made synovic vaccine this year, up from 40 million. There will be a million income. Five million doses a month in June and December. Of the 26 million doses ordered, 3 million of the Chinese-made synoform vaccines will arrive in June and 23 million between July and December.

As many as 18 million doses of the Chinese-made cannabis vaccine will be administered by 3 million doses each month from July to December. Of the 12 million doses of the US-made Pfizer vaccine, one million will arrive in July and 11 million between July and December.
Separately, donated through the CoAX platform, Pakistan will receive an additional 1.23 million doses of AstraZeneca produced from the UK this month.